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dw_concrete's Journal

Doctor Who concrit
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The idea behind this community: To provide a place Doctor Who fanfiction writers can put their stories up for honest constructive criticism, and to give a place for readers to offer it.

How is this going to work? Simple. Authors interested in con crit for one of their stories will make a new post with a link to their story and a proper header (stories offered for crit would be updated in the mega post). Readers who are be interested in reviewing that story will then "pick it up", and post their con crit as a screened comment in their own designated post. The post will then be picked up and posted by the mod.

What makes you qualified to give con crit? Nothing, really. The mod of this community would actually quite like to receive con crit herself (hint, hint). That's why reviewing is open for anyone who's interested in reviewing.

Why not let reviewers post directly? For two reasons. The first, some reviewers might feel more comfortable to give honest reviews while remaining anonymous, and this way all reviews will end up under the community's name and not each individual reviewer. The second, this way will assure that the reviews for the stories posted are comprised of constructive criticism, and not flaming. You don't have to be nice - you should, however, be civilised. If a review is harsh but fair, there's no reason for it not to show up. If, however, a review can be summed with "I hate this author, they can't write", then there are better places for it to show up than here.

Can we discuss a review? Sure, that's what the comments are for.

Can I use this comm to beta my story? No. All stories should be submitted through a link to the already-published story.

What kind of stories are allowed here? Everything Who related. New Who, Old Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane, your story about two OC UNIT officers eaten by a giant tiger while looking for Jo Grant and her husband in the jungles, are all welcome.

I put up my story for review before a bunch of stories that were already picked up. What gives? Readers voluntarily choose which stories they want to review. While I hope they won't only choose stories they already know and either love or hate, it's really up to them. So you can post the above-mentioned story about the OC UNIT officers, but there's always the risk that more popular themes will get more people interested. Also, keep in mind that some people don't like certain characters or pairings, or stories containing certain warnings, and will skip those without a second look, in order not to write a review that is consisted entirely of "argh argh argh I hate this thing ARGH."

My story already got a review, can it get another? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Different people see things in different ways. There is no reason not to allow more than one person to give their views on the same story. So yes.

You're doing something horribly, horribly wrong. Also, you made a typo. Then post your comment in the community comments box! It would be horribly silly if a community devoted to concrit can't actually take it.

This has been tried before. What makes you think this time it won't fail? It probably will, to be honest. But it's worth the effort.

What's with the name? This really is my sense of humour. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

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